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As a lifelong resident of the Corpus Christi Petro-Industrial machine, LaMarcus Knox always felt that he would someday be involved in the petrochemicals industry.  After all, there are better areas in the country to teach young men about excelling in the oil fields and the building of their related infrastructure.

In 1985 Mr. Knox began his career in the petrochemicals industry when he was hired by Coastal Refinery as a dock man in the pumping department.  Mr. Knox responsibilities ranged from loading barrages, tank cars and ships. Over the next few years and with several promotions, Mr. Knox landed in operations where he was responsible for managing a petroleum production unit.  Over his 14 year stint with Coastal, Mr. Knox acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in the petroleum industry and he served in various units throughout the refinery from processing crude, to dealing with demineralization and distillate hydrotreater along with plant maintenance.

While working in the plant maintenance unit Mr. Knox was charged with a very sensitive assignment. He was the community liaison for the refinery when the refinery implemented imminent domain over the entire community to create a refinery “buffer zone”.  As such Mr. Knox was tasked with the relocation and demolition of homes and businesses during this dynamic time, Mr. Knox remained firmly in charge. He was ultimately responsible for managing the eventual construction of the necessary infrastructure for the buffer zone which included site work, utilities and security.

In 1999 Mr. Knox set out to create a company incorporating the skills and relationships that he had garnered during his tenure working in the petroleum industry. As a result he founded Apogee, which is grounded in the principle intention to provide customers with the apex of service and quality! The company’s beginning started with purchasing bulk fuel to supply local trade contractors and other heavy equipment users.  This model eventually leads to supplying products to larger vessel companies and into other market segments.       

In his role as Apogee’s managing executive, Mr. Knox serves as resident expert for the petroleum business and project executive for all construction projects.  His leadership and managerial experience has been more than instrumental in Apogee’s ability to successfully complete diverse projects throughout the southwestern region of the country; providing bunker fuel to numerous vessels operating out of Corpus Christi and self-performing structural concrete for waste water treatment plants.

As a result of Mr. Knox’s knowledge and leadership, Apogee is a vibrant and growing concern ready for all challenges that wait.  The company has grown from being a gas and diesel distributor to offering a full line of petroleum products to its customers. From a trade-specific contractor into a full-service general contractor with numerous self-performing capabilities; simply stated, Apogee stands ready to be an integral part of your team’s ultimate success. 


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Exceed our customer’s expectations at any cost. To this end at all levels of our company we are  thoroughly committed to responsiveness, dependability and satisfaction! We want our customer to have an enjoyable experience working with Apogee.


Renoir L. Knox

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